32 Full-Color Stickers

And this is just the beginning! Future updates mean even more stickers to liven up your texts and photos.

Easy to Use

You can add a sticker to your iMessage conversation in just a few taps!

Custom Animations

There are some stickers in the pack that don't move, though most have been painstakingly animated for maximum fun.

Drag and Drop

To place a sticker, simply tap and drag onto an iMessage bubble or photo. It's really that easy!

Rotate and Scale

Before letting go of your sticker, use a second finger to rotate and scale for pixel-perfect placement.

Tap to Reveal

Want to see the original photo without the stickers? Just tap or press and hold the photo to see it without anything covering it up.

Mix & Match

Add multiple stickers to create hilarious combinations. Now you'll finally know how your cat looks with a beard and top hat!

Use as Emoji

Want to send your seal of approval with a thumbs up? How about conveying love with a beating heart? Just tap a sticker and hit send to use it as an emoji.

Get in on All the Fun!

Start adding old-school awesomeness to your iMessages today. Click the link below for secure, instant download directly from the App Store for just $0.99!